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We often hear from adults who want the unique WorkUp model for themselves because they resonate with the need for financial education, asset building and workforce development. As a WorkUp Member, you have opportunities both to invest in the lives of young people and to take advantage of WorkUp’s asset building strategies.

WorkUp Members commit to working with one youth cohort, either as a part of the Asset Advisor Team that guides the youth through developing and maintaining their investment plans, or with a program in one of WorkUp’s four foundational areas.

Members commit to one weekly 2-hour evening session and one monthly cohort meeting. They teach financial literacy to, share professional skills and experiences with, and help set educational and career goals for youth. They also assist staff from partner organizations in WorkUp's collaborative programs.

WorkUp Members are responsible for helping their students develop their personal, academic, professional, and leadership abilities with WorkUp’s curricula and model. Members bring their wealth of experience, their enthusiasm, and their personal commitment to the youth participants’ development.

WorkUp provides curricula, a mentor orientation session, ongoing training opportunities, and coaching from WorkUp’s national staff and other professionals to ensure the success of WorkUp Members’ experiences.

WorkUp Members connect with a large network of diverse people across the nation who are investing in their communities and dedicated to developing the lives of young adults.

If you would like to become a WorkUp Member, of if you would like more information, please contact us at 626.589.1330 or

Jobs and Internships

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